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Busy day

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Apr 24, 2009
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We had a busy day yesterday. Moved some cows from one pasture to the next. This is about the only one that is relatively easy to gather, and get a count on. Lisa and Jessie, my granddaughter helped, and I gotta say, for a kid that has only ridden outside of the corral one other time, she did AWESOME.
We had to ride some pretty tough country, and she stayed right with Lisa.





We even brought turkeys out of the canyon.


Not bad for a Kansas town girl.


Holding the herd so Lisa and I could get a count on them. For a six year old, and not knowing how to work cows, her, the horse, and dogs held the cows just perfect.
We ended up 2 cows short, and as we were heading back towards the house, they were just coming up out of a canyon. 1 headed right for the gate, and the other pair saw the horses, and lost her mind. 3 fences, and a trip through the neighbors cows, I ended up with her on the end of a rope. Of course I was riding a 5 year old, that has never had a cow tied on to him, Lisa was on a colt, and Jessie on the horse that I usually rope cows with. 2 hours later, I finally got the cow choked down enough that I could get my ropes back. You had to be there. Sorry for no pictures, there just wasn't enough hands to get the camera out.
Phase 2 of the day will be in Coffee Shop.
WOW she did GREAT.
Me, I have found am a flatlander LOL I get dizzy and go into panic attacks with edges and dropoffs. Had a heck of a time driving up to Trinidad.

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