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Butcher Cows

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Feb 10, 2005
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SOTE continues to source cull cows to fill the high demand. If you have cull cows, you may reach us by completing the Contact Page at our website of www.cullcows.com. or by calling Gary Rhoades at 719-342-1963.

We are looking for cattle with enough flesh to rank at a BCS of 5 or better. Younger is better than older. They need to be on a forage diet and hormone free.

Our price offering is based on Hot Carcass Weight (HCW), prices will fluctuate based on the condition of the cattle. We will pay up to $20/head towards freight and will return individual carcass data to the producer free of charge.

We are looking for a 50,000 pound load and will process them in Omaha Nebraska. If we find several producers interested we will give priority to those closer to Omaha and those that can most closely match our 50,000 pound order. We may not find a single producer with enough cattle to fill our order so please contact us even if you have smaller numbers for sale.

If you have cull cows available for immediate delivery please contact Gary Rhoades at 719-342-1963.

Thank you for your time, with your help we can continue to progress. We look forward to hearing from you.


SOTE Board of Directors

i think with the high price of butcher cows a person would want to be real carfull on the hanging over the live price, the last time i hung cows they only yealed 47%, would have been better live, that was 20 yrs ago. i think they are trying to cheapen up purchase of cow meat. maybe, maybe not
We sold dry cows for over $1200.00 a cow a couple weeks ago.... I wouldn't even consider going any other way... I'll take the money and run... Just saying of course.. :pretty:

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