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C.A.I.S. Good News!

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Feb 10, 2005
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Northeastern B.C.
M.P.s vote to drop CAIS deposits
by Kevin Hursh

A motion demanding that cash deposits from farmers be dropped as a requirement of the CAIS (Canadian Agricultural Income Stabilization) program has passed in the House of Commons. However, that does not necessarily mean the deposit will be dropped.

The motion was tabled by Official Opposition Agriculture Critic Diane Finley and debated in the House on February 3.

The vote on the motion was on February 8. It had the unanimous support of the Conservatives, the Bloc Quebecois and the NDP and passed with 158 votes in favour and 114 against. The Liberal government did not support the motion and it is not binding on the government.

Agriculture Minister Andy Mitchell has said that changing CAIS deposits requires agreement from a majority of the provinces since it is a federal–provincial program.

Take care.
That is right Kato! I dont think CAIS did anymore to help out us this year than subsidize the accountants filling out the forms. It is a joke.

I like your picture! :!:
That's good news. I was kind of wondering where we were going to find the money for our deposits. Already spent our payout from last year on bills.
I thought the deposit was one of the dumbest parts of the CAIS program they expect you to come up with a huge deposit when you are strapped for the money to pay your bills. Only our government would think of something like this and think it was a great deal. I hope this passes before the March 30th deadline.
I never got a payment out of CAIS they said my margin was too high. I think it was due to the fact they valued my inventory of cows at a higher price than what they were actually worth at the time. CAIS definately needs and overhaul. :wink:
That's good news. Hopefully it will pass. I wonder how many producer took cais advances that they will have to pay back.
Mb Rancher , I picked Eyore in honour of the 9 donkeys out in our cow herd.

Good thing they are out there too, since the neighbour counted 15 coyotes in the field behind our yard the other day. I expect a confrontation any time now! :shock:

As for CAIS, there is a fellow by the name of Tim Highmoor who has been doing a lot of figuring on this program and helps make sense of it.
He's affiliated with the Western Beef Development Center.

Check out this link http://www.wbdc.sk.ca/factsheets.html

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