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CAFTA winners and losers per the AP. What's next?

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Mar 20, 2005
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"the Associated Press:

eliminates trade barriers between the United States and Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, El Salvadore, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.

CAFTA WINNERS: U.S. farmers and manufacturers hope to gain new sales in the region, particularly through exports of textiles and clothing, machinery, autos and wheat and other grains.

CAFTA LOSERS: Sugar growers in the U.S. worry about new competition. Imports of processed sugar from the region are expected to increase by $113.2 million."

No mention of beef. I expect beef production to continue to increase in Nicaragua because of the demise of the coffee growing industry there. A lot of the plantations can be converted in addition to the ones that already have been converted. What's happening to their coffee? Would you believe Vietnam? And how did Vietnam become a major coffee producer? The World Bank made the investments necessary to start the industry to give Vietnam a "cash crop" that they could trade on the world market. And now, starving coffee picker peasants are marching on the government in Nicaragua and refusing to go back to the mountains to starve to death. Camps have been set up. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, "W" is not wasting any time.

"Brasil International Gazeta, 8-2-05:

Foreign investments will continue says Snow. United States Treasury secretary John Snow, who arrived Sunday in Brazil for a three-day visit, praised the consistency of the Brazilian government's economic policy, especially with respect to the control of inflation and for the prospects for growth."

Brazil is a major part of the free trade agreement group, Mercosur in South America. The EU has been trying for 10 years to make a deal with Mercosur, but Mercosur has been dragging its feet. I believe that "W" believes it's not to late to intervene and at least get a piece of the action if it looks like Mercosur and the EU are going to keep going forward.

"The road goes on forever, and the party never ends." (Robert Earl Keene) It's time for some new, innovative thinking.


I heard on the radio today that the Iraqi council was out looking for wheat to purchase and it was expected that the US would get some of the sales :???: SOME OF THE SALES-- I would expect with the billions$ we're putting into that country and the US soldiers dying to make them free they would be buying everything they could purchase from us- but I suppose that doesn't fit into the World Banks plans :mad: :cry:

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