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Calgary Stampede

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Has anyone been following this battle between the PRCA and CRCA? Sounds like many of the Canadian rodeos are not going to be PRCA approved- and Calgary will now be a nonsanctioned invitation only rodeo...
Last I heard it sounds like way less contestants will be allowed:

Will take the top 10 NFR qualifiers
top 5 CFR qualifiers
and 5 will be invited at large for each event....

And finals day will have 100,000 per event pay out......

It looks great for the top riders- but kind of a slam in the face for a lot of the good riders (especially the Canadians) that always dreamed of a big ride win at Calgary...Some of these guys could win any rodeo any day, when things work out right- but now won't get the chance....

I guess its a sign of the times-- Big money Corporate Rodeo... :???: :(

Be interesting to see if some go for the big money of the nonsanctioned rodeo, or go to the sanctioned ones and chase the buckle......


20 contestants per event . Non sanctioned rodeo. Contestants to sign a contract, and have to go to whatever hospitals, BBQ's, special appearances, as requested.


5 top 2005 CFR contestants (money won)
10 top 2005 NFR contestans ( money won)
5 Calgary S qualified positions

Bull Ridging
4 top 2005 CFR
6 top 2005 NFR
6 top PBR
4 Calgary Stampede positions

CS qualified positions yet to be determined could include maybe Rodeo Royal winners, past $50,000 winners, or someone who should make the CFR or NFR in a particular year, but don't because of injury.

They are going to divide the contestants into a "A" pool and a "B" pool. The A Pool competes the first 4 days ( 4head on 4 days) and the B Pool the second four days. Payout $10,000/day/event. Winners presented each day.

On day #9 (Saturday) there is a wild card perf. The bottom 6 from the A an B Pool will compete. Sort of a second chance for them to make it to the Sunday Perf. Payout $20,000/event.

On day 10 (Sunday) the semi finals will take
Top 4 from A pool
top 4 from B Pool
Top 2 from wild card Saturday.

The Sunday showdown will take the top 4 from the above semi finals . Payout $1000,000/event

There are no entry fees and $1000/contestant to help cover travelling costs.

There will be novice BB and novice SB and BSR but no WCM or WHR.

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