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California Caviar

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jeff in ca

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Mar 10, 2009
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Janesville Ca, 96114
Here's a Burgundy Pepper marinated tri-tip roast on the grill. It seems to be the staple at every wedding reception, summer party, or any other gathering in the area. We tend to get tri-tipped out by Labor Day.

Since it is Spring we are getting a little snow on the hill too.
Alright, Jeff, i am gonna need your recipe. :D If it's a ancient family secret, then PM me please! :D I will adopt you if that helps at all. :wink:
Alright, Jeff, i am gonna need your recipe.

"H", no secret recipe. Just a local butcher shop in Susanville that does alot of marinating of meats. They have 3 different tri-tips, lots of chicken, even have pork clod. Goat is coming soon. But the best is the Bacon Cheese burger. They take bacon and a high temperature melting cheddar, grind with beef to make a awesome patty. The biggest seller at the place is there Basque choritzo. Besides it is a fun place to stop into. The family that runs it, are good people.

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