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Call it "the government that ate your house."

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Feb 11, 2005
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AS if agriculture did no have enough to worry about!! :mad:

Call it "the government that ate your house."

In an appalling 5-4 decision that is guaranteed to stir controversy, the U.S. Supreme Court said municipalities have broad leeway to engage in takings of private property for development. The ruling came in a case involving residents in New London, CT, once a ship-building powerhouse, but now struggling. The majority on the court chose to expand the right of eminent domain, which originally allowed governments to take private property for "public use" if there was a compelling public need, such as for a highway or a school. New London officials argued a private development project would benefit the whole community; residents said their homes were not for sale at any price, and the development was not a legitimate "public use," but a private benefit.

The decision confounded some court-watchers, who noted that judicial liberals and conservatives found themselves on both sides of the decision, with center-right Justice Sandra Day O'Connor chastising the majority for siding with big business interests. Whoa! Strange bedfellows or not, if you're now worried about whether your farm, ranch, home or lot might get 'taken' for a casino, hotel or shopping center--and we think those worries are justified--write your representatives in your home state, and in the U.S. Congress.
I cannot believe no one has a response???? Do you realize what this can do to Agriculture? IF a PRIVATE company can prove your land is needed to improve the economic conditions in a particular areas you are screwed!
You mean like ranchettes, condos, gas wells, Jack Niclaus signature golf courses? We got enough of that up here without the Supremes getting in on the deal thanx to chicken poop county councils that allow pretty well un-regulated acreage development on what used to be good cattle-growing ground.
Yep, and now the USA has a Supreme Court that will allow PRIVATE COMPANIES to take your land for their personal gain with the idea it will benefit all :roll: :roll: :roll: So much for a free country! So much for leaving you heritage to your kids. So much for Freedom to work your butt of to develop a property and see it taken from you by the Corporate Giants so their employes can play golf close to their plants and businesses! :mad:

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