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Calling Liberals Hiding behind curtain of Shame

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Feb 10, 2005
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Can you Please explain to me how the Dems can claim spending has gone down under Obama with a straight face?

Seems to me spending isn't going down when in 3 1/2 years Obama has spent more than GW Bush spent in 8 years and more than all other presidents spent combine. And deficits are predicted as far as the eye can see :roll:

Can you explain how the Dems can claim Obama was a success when it comes creating employment with a straight face?

Seems to me that when you have an unemployment rate of just over 7% and it raises to 10% and falls back to only 8.3% and the future is grim for it to move any lower for years after spending a trillion dollars on stimulus that is not SUCCESS that is at best is shameful.

Seems to me you Dems better invest in A LOT of BOTOX if you plan on keeping a straight face while campaigning on those two issues. Pelosi should beable to fix you all up with her suppliers. :roll:

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