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Calling Mother Nature!!!

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Feb 10, 2005
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ennis, montana
good morning, all :D !! spent the day planting 75 strawberry plants yesterday and about 74 yukon gold potatoes, too :shock: ....the weather was cloudy and cool, but not bad....it has been raining here off and on for over 2 weeks and things are so pretty and green!! Heck, i was so ambitious that i also planted 5 lilac bushes, more rhubarb, some peonies and transplanted 2 of my big honeysuckle bushes (hopefully, they make it)...well, wouldn't ya know it!! seems like mother nature has been smoking some of that "whacky tobaccy" again.....rain started about 6 last night and i awoke to about half an inch of SNOW :? !!! The daughter is still talkin about having a hawaiian style party for her sweet 16 next friday, but with this weather, maybe we better wait and see!! :roll: :roll: i sure hope the rest of you have a better day than this!! :wink: how about you faster horses, sw, hanta yo, oldtimer, rancher???? did you get any of this lovely white stuff rollin your way??
ranchwife- Yesterday was a beautiful day up here- After getting just a little over an inch of rain, the sun came out and temp went to 75-beautiful--Spent the morning checking some hayfields--Had people coming to pick up pups and a 2 year old stud I sold, so spent part of the afternoon just sitting on the deck having an afternoon toddy and watching the grandkids play with the puppies and listening to the birds sing their afterrain songs :) ...Then last night I sat for a couple hours on the front porch with the kids watching the thunder and lightning to the south of us telling them stories of years gone by :) --About midnite the storm moved in and just gave us straight down rain- over .7 so far this morning (1.75 in last two days), still raining and they are predicting it to all day :) ......Some of this country really needed it- we haven't been getting what everybody south did- won't hurt for sure-- altho there is some roads under water from the badland south country creeks flash flooding......
we got about .25", but we have been getting something every night so it is staying wet and green, what a change. FH probably got real wet, the Billings radio had the severe storm warnings for that area, not just the usual, it said "if you are outside, get in a shelter immediately and stay away from the windows, repeat". Hail, tornadoes, heavy rain was predicted, have not heard what did happen though. Sure hope the strawberries grow, and the taters and the pie plant and the horseradish.
75 strawberry plants! Ranchwife you're going to be one busy lady next year freezing and cooking up a ton of strawberries!
We just had our first strawberry pie last night and it was tasty. Added some frozen raspberries from last years crop . MMMmmm
We ahd 1.80 inches of rain yeserday afternoon and evning and then one of the storms got wicked about 4 and we had enough hail with it that it cracked the vinyl siding on the west side of our house so will have to call the insruance company and am glad it didn't stay big that loing and then when it turned small it was in drifts in front of the garage and in the yard at the end of the downspout it was about foot deep.
All gone this morning and now the wind id blowing aobut 30 miles an hour all day so is drying pretty fast.
Got water in some of the dams we needed and not much in otheres so had to take some bad with good i guess.
The brohter-in-law had just gotten a dugout cleanied and it filled that so that is good as that is where the house water comes from and then cows in winter and spring.
It is looking pretty good and might even get some hay this year if this keeps up and we don't get a big hail storm and ruin it all as some did south of us about 40 miles as was lots of damage and then on down around the southern hills heard there was tornado damage of farm machinery.
Ok hope everyone is enjoying this change in the weather and i better go out and pick up some branches in the yard before i have to mow again as don't think the mowere will cut them all up. HAd to clean alot of leaves out of the rain gutters this morning also so teh next one can go out.
Ok see ya all. :) :)
There has been so much rain here, it all has ran together. Let's see, it rained this morning and this evening. The wind blew pretty hard today. Yesterday it didn't rain much, some in the evening. So that was Tuesday. Monday was windy and wet. We had a lot of rain Monday, washed the road out in places, 4 tornados sighted.

I've lost track of the amount, but it has rained a bunch. There is water standing in lots of places. We put cedirs in the heifers today and when my husband gathered them out of the pasture, HE GOT WET! Said he hasn't rode in weather like this morning for a VERY LONG TIME; maybe 12 or 15 YEARS.

It is starting to wash some now, in the cow trails, etc. But we aren't complaining.

I wonder what happened that we got this terrific change in the weather pattern. Anybody have any ideas?
FH- I don't know what is causing it but I'm not going to question it--We've had over 2" since Monday- some areas as much as 5-6"....This all in a semi-desert area where our year normal is around 11"... And its raining right now-- Little showers coming thru all day.....We're definitely sitting good for a while--Maybe til our normal 4th of July thunder boomer......
Want to see where I live? Just click the link. Our house is under the red circle labeled Saturday 1800z.

Aaaah.... the joys of costal living.

Macon-- It looks like you're in for some moisture and a little blow-- 60-65 knots is about the daily average on some parts of the Rocky Mountain front :wink: Take care and find high ground.....
Should be great sailing weather, Macon. Hold onto that hat!
Really though, we hope you come through this safely.
M Gravlee said:
Want to see where I live? Just click the link. Our house is under the red circle labeled Saturday 1800z.

Aaaah.... the joys of costal living.


Macon- Are you surviving the storm? Or are you still in Mexico? Looks like the winds and rain have weakened- Keep us updated.......
Hi OT!

Wasn't much to it. Rained 4" and winds 40 mph. I'm at the ranch in Mississippi. Think we got more rain than that here. When NOAA puts up a Hurricane Watch I leave.
So, Macon, are orange stocking caps standard apparel in Alabama and Mississippi? Is it that chilly down there? Or, do you just wear them so they stay on in hurricane force winds? Some folks up here use a "stampede string" to hold their hats on in high winds. Maybe down your way, a similar device would be called a "hurricane string". :wink:
Soapweed said:
So, Macon, are orange stocking caps standard apparel in Alabama and Mississippi?

Only when deer hunting! Fish & Wildlife have a blaze orange law for deer hunters down here. Don't think this stocking cap quite meets the min sq. in. requirement but it's all I am willing to do. :p

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