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Calving sucess numbers

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Apr 14, 2010
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Battle river, Alberta
Just thought I woulkd post my numbers to see where I sit with the rest of you as i have been done calving for 5 weeks and everything appears that it will live.

Exposed 20 heifers
1 aborted in January, she now resides in freezer :D
1 calved early on -34 day frozen calf culled.
Rest calved within 42 days

52 cows exposed to bulls
1 died hardware
1 died laying in sinkhole
4 opens sold
1 may calver sold as a bred
3 early calvers sold as breds in December

Rest all calved in 42 days and had live calves

So 71 exposed to bulls 4 sold as breds so 67 exposed to calve at home with 59 live calves

88% of cows exposed last summer had live calves this spring within 42 days of exposure.

I'm pretty happy with this, what is your benchmark comparasin?


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Nov 19, 2007
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Those are pretty good numbers that anyone one could be proud of. Here are my numbers so far I will be done calving in two weeks.
Exposed 54
3 open last fall sold
Calved 51 and had one died at calving saved the calf
Calved all heifers in 45 days no calves lost
Exposed 270
Sold 13 last fall open and age reasons
1 abort in december 2nd calver
1 abort in january 2nd calver
1 calf got hit by a car 2 weeks ago on desert permit
Everything is alive and well
Have 10 cows left to calve
Started march 1 should be done by may 10
So I exposed 324 have 308 to calve lost 3 calves one cow
So if all goes well I will have a 93% on my calf crop this has been the best year I have ever had despite how bad the weather has been.

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