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can you pull a trailer with a hybrid?

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Feb 13, 2005
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no that wasn't really the headline.. but for those who think hybrids are worth investing in... (like Obama looking for a used/leftover volt to drive next year) :?

Despite Gas Prices, Hybrid Sales on the Decline?

With gasoline prices high and likely to go higher, it might be expected that
Americans would increasingly be turning to fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles. But sales of gasoline-electric hybrids have actually been dropping.

Hybrid sales accounted for 2.8 percent of the U.S. auto market in 2009, but slipped to 2.4 percent in 2010 and to 2.2 percent last year, according to researcher LMC Automotive.

"Consumers don't want to pay as much as $6,000 extra for a hybrid when they can get 40 mpg on the highway in a standard car such as a Chevrolet Cruze or Hyundai Elantra," Business Week observes.

"And even more conventional cars with hybrid-caliber mileage are coming this year, thanks to advancements that enable engines to burn fuel up to 20 percent more efficiently."

While overall sales in January were at a strong rate (over 14 million at an annual rate based on seasonal adjustment factors), the actual number of sales was down 27 percent from December 2011. Hybrid sales were down a similar rate, at 30 percent and plug in sales were down 48 percent (although the low volume of these sales makes the comparison less meaningful). Diesel sales dropped less, at 22 percent, than the overall market or the hybrids or plug ins.

While diesel sales were down compared to December 2011, they were up 21 percent as compared to January 2011. This is primarily due to the launch of the VW Passat diesel and reasonable volumes of the VW Jetta (as compared to last January). A number of clean diesel products enjoyed higher sales as compared to a year ago.

Nissan Drops Altima Hybrid From 2012 Lineup

Nissan has announced that it will stop selling its Altima Hybrid after the 2011 model year. The car served as Nissan's first and only hybrid since its release in 2007, but has only ever been available in the nine states that follow the California Air Resources Board's tailpipe emissions regimen: California, Oregon, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island or Vermont. Nissan had previously talked about making the Altima Hybrid available nationwide, but it now looks as though that will not happen without a significant retooling—and certainly not for 2012.

Nissan says that the M Hybrid's gas-electric powertrain will find its way into other vehicles "where it makes sense."

U.S. Diesel Car Sales Grow by a Staggering 27% in 2011 while Hybrids Drop 2.2%

In 2011 alone, sales of new clean diesel passenger vehicles soared by 27.4 percent over the previous year according to sales information compiled by HybridCars.Com and market research firm Baum and Associates.

That's compared to the overall market's increase of 10.2 percent while hybrid sales dropped by 2.2 percent in 2011

Hopefully things will pick up in the hybrid market, I would hate to see a former President have to buy a used car... :shock: :?
In the dems perfect world, no need for trailers, you ain't gonna own nothing big enough to require a trailer! :D
Electric cars have come a long ways and you guys should not be making fun of obama's "green" initiative. Why do you Conservatives have to be so "backwards", against science and technological advancement? :roll:

Meet the Roberts electric car. Built in 1896, it gets a solid 40 miles to the charge — exactly the mileage Chevrolet advertises for the Volt, the highly touted $31,645 electric car General Motors CEO Dan Akerson called "not a step forward, but a leap forward."

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/10/14/114-year-old-electric-car-gets-same-40-miles-to-the-charge-as-chevy-volt/#ixzz1oxs5jNKs
Before you start calling me backwards, I grew up in. A house where in winter you could not turn over for all the blankets on the bed, you took a shower at risk of catching cold, the kitchen was the only warm room in the house, and spring mention it was ok to open the door to the bedrooms. If you actually think "GREEN" is any different than that you need a dose of reality! The only way for this eco friendly s&$& to work is for the average income to increase 20 fold, and then if it does, how are you going to feed the population of the world?? Money out the wazoo and not a biscuit to be found :twisted:

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