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Canadian Beef Steak

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Feb 11, 2005
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Prior to the 2005 NCBA Convention a group of NCBA members went to Canada on a fact finding mission. I want to know did these "BOVINE SHERLOCK HOLMES CLONES" eat CANADIAN BEEF???????????????? Did they take a sack lunch ? Did they drink the water? Did they take their own "Butt wipe"? Some folks have decided CANADA is the "forbidden zone"!!! I really think we need to open a HORSE MEAT HOOTERS in the US! I want the burro burger, pony pattie, and the STUD STEAK! I can see it all now..................."Horse Meat Hooters" the place to get a real......... !:roll:
Hey, jigsy, if ya spend a little more time lookin' the emoticons over, ya might notice that there are some smileys there, too. Or do you find them not to your taste, EH? :) :)
I have always been treated well in Canada and the front gate is always open to my Canadian friends............Remember when President Reagan said"Tear Down this Wall?" Well folks "OPEN THE BORDER"! Let's get back to the real cattle business of feeding the world and working together! Canada and the USA can not even come close to producing enough quality Beef for the rest of the world if we work together! We are screwing up a great industry and are putting our children and grand-children out of the cattle business before they get a chance.
Well stated Cattleco.....imagine the gain to our industry if even a portion of the energy and lost income could have been put forth in further market development and in addressing some of the problem spots of our beef industry. :!: :clap:

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