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Canadians make beef deal with South Koreas

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Feb 10, 2005
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Southern Manitoba
Canadian Group Strikes Beef Deal With South Korea

WINNIPEG, MB, Apr 19, 2005 (Resource News International via COMTEX) -- Canada Farm Direct (CFD) has struck a deal with an Asian company to supply Canadian beef to South Korea, according to a release from the group.

The agreement calls for 20 containers of Canadian beef a week. Each 20 metric ton container will be delivered by airfreight, the release said.

As a result, approximately 1,600 metric tons of beef will be supplied each month, representing about 7,000 head of cattle, the group said.

South Korea will be an excellent customer for offal, which has a limited market in North America.

However, the deal is subject to the opening of the South Korean border for Canadian beef, the release said, adding that all indications point to a resumption of trade in the near future.

The signing of the formal contract between Canada Farm Direct and the Asian company is expected in June.

"As borders around the world open to Canadian beef, we will be ready to do business," said Dale Mather, President and CEO of Canada Farm Direct. "The South Korean deal is good news for Canada Farm Direct and it's also good news for beef producers across Canada."

The discovery of BSE on an Alberta farm in May of 2003, resulted in many countries blocking the importation of Canadian beef.

When Canada Farm Direct concludes its current share offering, it will acquire one of Canada's top beef slaughter and processing companies. Currently, about $17 million of the $30 million minimum offering has been committed.

Canada Farm Direct (CFD) is a producer driven initiative intended to get Canadian meat products directly to the public. Thus cutting out monopoly's created by the federally controlled meat packing industry and retail giants.

The concept was developed in response to the devastating results of the North American BSE problem and the resulting International border closings to Canadian and US live cattle producers.

The initiative provides for the purchase of one of Canada's four major packing plants, complete with an existing work force, and brand names. Domestic permits and licenses are in place as well as the necessary international permits and licenses, in countries such as the UK, USA, China, and Japan.
Good for them, there will be many more of these type's of agreements in the future. Seems like a lot of these countries are just waiting for the go ahead from the US, to import Canadian beef. Aern't back room dealings great?

Know a few that were on trade missions to the far east and they have let me know that when the border opens to US beef (politics), that they will be then enabled to buy Canadian beef.
Canada, like a cobra, silent, but deadly!

We don't talk about our accomplishments or trade sanctions, but we do get the job done. We don't go in with missiles, but heh, what about the war of 1812. That was won by bow and arrow! Tecumseh, I think!

Who was it that said we didn't support the war in Iraq, but we do think about our world perception!

The days of adding value to cheap Canadian beef are over boys, we'll sell it ourselves, thanks.

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