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Cat Tale

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Maple Leaf Angus

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Feb 10, 2005
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Southern Ontario
Seems the farmer had a sick cat; it just lay around yowling and howling in pain. He called the vet up and described the cat's symptoms and the vet said to give it a pint of castor oil and that should clear it up.

Next day the vet sees the farmer in town and asked him how the sick calf is doing. "Calf", the farmer yells, 'I said cat, not calf"!

"Oh my goodness", says the vet. "And you gave it the whole pint? How's the poor cat? Where is it now"?

"Well", the farmer says, " Last time I saw it, it was heading over the hill with five of its buddys. Two were digging, two were covering and one was looking for new territory"!

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