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Catagory for April 16-22

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Guess we will punt this week. Can't believe we have no
entries. I thought this was a great catagory--was suggested
by a member of ranchers.net even.

Well, we'll start over next week...

Next week will be CALVES, LAMBS, COLTS OR GOATS.
Running, laying or playing.
There are rules at the top of the photo contest page.
Basically you send them
to the_jersey_lilly_2000 in a PM. If you have problems just post
them here or send us a PM and we'll help you through it. Most of us
use photobucket to transfer the pictures over here. Jersey Lilly
posts the pictures on Wednesday evening and you have til Friday
evening to vote on the entries.

Thanks for your interest and hope this helps!!!
Clarencen did send in a late entry. So since his is the only one...and really neat...I'll post it here. And declare him the winner hehe

I took this picture some years back at a Threshing Bee-antique tractor show. I have nothing written on the back of this photo. By the look of the skeleton wheels, I believe is a F-12 or a F-14 Farmall. These tractors were built about 1936-1937 I think they were about 12-16 horsepower. I believe the Farmall A, B, & C tractors replaced them.

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