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Catagory for June 6-12

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I have tried and tried to upload a pict for this contest and it will not upload. Every time I go through the steps I get a screen that says "your upload was successful." I have never seen a thumbnail of my photo and when I go to my album it has 0 picts.

Any suggestions?

Thank You.
Set yourself up a Photobucket account..

A few others have different ways of getting their images on here. Hopefully they will see this and tell you. A search here on ranchers should find you they different way others have used.
I am not a wiz on the computer, sometimes I have had trouble getting my pictures on the contest. Here is what I do. I use photobucket, copy the picture, go to rancher's net open photo contest click on Lillys name then PM. On the frame yet get use paste. Check preview, if your picture comes up press submit. If the picture doesn't show up you did something wrong. Pictures have to be JPG image I believe. It seems photobucket has changed the way you e-mail pictures a little, sometimes I have been confused.
And yes...I agree...a photobucket account is the easiest way to share photos on here. If you go that route....and you get pictures uploaded to photobucket...hold your mouse above the thumbnail...and a drop down list of how you can link it comes up. the bottom one...with the

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