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Catfish or Not? Walmart Wants To Keep Misinforming for $

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Oct 13, 2007
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Large retailers fight catfish farmers over proposed rule

Natalia Real

Southern catfish farmers and a trade association representing large retailers are clashing over a broad catfish safety rule.

Wal-Mart and other retailers do not want US Agriculture Department (USDA) catfish inspections to cover swai, basa and other Asian whitefish imports out of fear that fish imports would be cut, while US catfish farmers think these inspections should be done by the USDA to ensure safety for consumers.

The Retail Industry Leaders Association told the agency that its "significant concerns" include that the proposed regulation would push prices for the products up.

"Those offerings would be expected to disappear from store shelves following issuance of a final rule," said Stephanie Lester, vice president of international trade for the association, reports Arkansas News. "The lack of available product would be expected to cause instantaneous price increases."

Opponents also argue the move would make trade unfair.

In contrast, Southern catfish farmers say broadening the definition of catfish in the proposed rule would insure the safety of all farm-raised catfish or catfish-like products for US consumers. They noted that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspects only 0.1 per cent of foreign seafood and does not screen for certain chemicals and drugs used in foreign aquaculture but banned in the US.

"This is vital to the safety of American consumers and is of vital importance to the survival of the US farm-raised catfish industry," said Sissy Bridges of Catfish Farmers of America (CFA).

As well, the retail association is not sure moving catfish regulation from the FDA, which looks at other seafood, to the USDA, which inspects meat and poultry, is a good idea.

Some food safety groups, scientists and members of Congress also want the USDA to take over inspections, reports Delta Farm Press.

Foreign fish exporters say the switch constitutes protectionism for the US catfish industry.

More than 250 comments went to the USDA over the public comment period that just ended after 90 days on a proposed regulation that would set an inspection system for catfish mandated by Congress in the Food, Conservation and Energy Act of 2008.

Mirroring the definition that Congress established in 2002 for marketing purposes, one decision would limit "catfish' to members of the "ictaluridae" family. This would chiefly include the catfish raised in the US and a small portion of imports.

The opposing decision would stretch "catfish" to include members of the "siluriformes" species and would cover basa, swai, pangasius and other Vietnamese whitefish imports.

The Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP) suggested that it would go to court to challenge the broader definition.

The US imported some USD 185 million worth of Vietnamese fish in 2010 that it sells as basa, swai and tra.
It still amazes me how many organizations ask for further governmental control and then whine about governmental controls distorting markets, afterwards. :lol:

"regulatory capture"
What is stopping these producers from putting their own label on the product?

On the point of products potentially containing chemicals that are banned domestically, that same issue rises in American pork exported to other countries.

International trade is nice when seen through the exporters eyes! :lol:

If these catfish growers want to sell to Walmart, then they sign up for Walmart's policies - which are all about profit and nothing about principle.
hypocritexposer said:
It still amazes me how many organizations ask for further governmental control and then whine about governmental controls distorting markets, afterwards. :lol:

"regulatory capture"

Of course you don't understand.

Industry with money plows over just about anything and government is so sold out (ie the bureaucrats enforcing the laws are given no power) or the members of Congress over seeing the industry sell it out in a variety of ways in exchange for bribes.

From the comments on this utube site:

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We will not stand for big government telling us what we can or can not eat! Alabama should dismantle their testing labs immediately! After all, if you cook the seafood long enough you just might get some of the cancer producing chemicals out. So what if it cause birth defects: far better than having big brother telling you what to eat. Free trade that's the Republican motto!!
studtexasyahoocom 4 weeks ago

@ChicagoSouthDan lol I totally agree with you.


The answer isn't more government, it is putting those in government selling public policy out to the highest bidder (the leaders of the committees overseeing the bureaucrats whether republican or democrat) in jail.

Just because there is a huge, huge problem with our government being sold out doesn't mean we need to have no government. We need to send some people in government to jail over these things. and hold the businesses responsible who are doing the cheating. We have lost that ability when it comes to big profit streams by big companies. They can get away with anything.

It is regulatory capture when those who are being regulated have the political muscle to write and influence the rules. It is nothing more than corruption.

It is what our government has become.

Do you want to do away with government regulations and standards or do you want to do away with the corruption? If you want neither, I say pass out the guns so people can protect themselves and likewise don't enforce the law when they use them when they are cheated. (This is not a good solution).

He changed careers---to climb the corporate tree
gave up his hat and boots---and joined the 'walmart family'
his horse is now a computer---his ranch is all electronics
he has learned another culture---and another set of phonics

he works the milk and dairy---welcomes the cool breeze
closest thing to a long horn---he found,was in the cheese
traded his rope for a cool whip---his cookies are no bake
his favorite snack is jerky---his dessert would be cheese cake

he works the all night shift---it pays a dollar incentive
and drives a corporate truck---the maintaince only preventive
gave up live'n off the grass---and seldom sees the sun
his pasture is now concrete---his day is light bulb run

no need for a campfire---or doggies in moon light
his new brand'n iron---will be in the corporate fight
there is no more western---in paper,dairy or childs' toy
just corporate shoes and golf---there is no corporate Cowboy...

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