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Cattle Annie, Char bulls in Sask

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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al

Here is some more Char bulls for you to consider this spring. Collin Martin is an outstanding Char breeder up there. Take a look at the catalog. I think you'll like what you see! He is scanning next week and I can send data if you like.
average gestation 281 days
average birth weight 100 lbs.
average 205 day weight 845 lbs.
average 365 day weight 1450 lbs.
average scrotal Feb.4,2005 38cm
average weight per day of age 3.87 lbs.

P.S. Here is some data on the 15 Rio sons in the Perrot-Martin sale on
Mar 5. Impressive!
Big Muddy, Thanks, I found their website. I need to get with them about semen. Thanks for the tip. Looks from what I see a pretty good program. (except for the Angus - grin) :D
They are long time Char breeders but the daughter jumped the traces and married a angus boy. Emil the dad and I have some fun argueing the "MERITS of the breeds. I think last year the Blacks out sold the Whites. They are good folk with good cattle no matter the breed. :cowboy:
I am just kidding about the angus. There is a place for angus in a good crossbreeding program. Again, thanks for the tip. I'll need your address to send the commission check. :lol:
Very nice link, Mike. Thanks. Some awesome looking animals there.

Do you know of any breeders in Alberta or BC using this bull? Sask is a bit of a drive for me, especially as we're just hitting the full stride for calving here and daren't be away from the ranch too long.

Found the sale catalogue for Pleasant Dawn.


Take care.

ps. Congrats are in order ~ I hear that some kind soul sent you a bottle of TR. :wink: ~
CattleAnnie said:
Thanks Mike.

I can see that I'm going to end up a whiskey runner yet.

Take care.

We call 'em "Bootleggers" down here! LOL

I consider it a pleasure for my Canadian friends.

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