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Cattle Business Weekly

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Apr 24, 2009
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If any of you get the Cattle Business Weekly, check out page 8b and tell me what you think. :cboy: :lol2: :nod:
It is under their "Supreme Row". I couldn't find it online either. They did a big article on Lisa and her leather work. I'm kinda proud. :D :)
Here is the article.

With a pair of chinks and long leggings numerous headstalls,reins,spur straps and all the other cowboy basics I think I needed or may need in the future all made at LW Leather, I am here to tell you she does awesome work!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on the recognition you deserve!
That was a nice write-up, Lisa. With the new supposed postal "money saving" :roll: system in force, even though the paper was published on Wednesday, March 28th, it didn't arrive in our town until Monday, April 2nd, and we didn't get our mail until Tuesday, April 3rd. April 3rd, 1860 was the start of the pony express. :cowboy: I wish we had that speedy of mail delivery now. Anyway, it was a great story, and you are to be commended for doing fine work.

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