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Cattle Chutes

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Jul 29, 2005
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Lake Placid, FL
I am in the market for a hydraulic cattle chute. I used to use a Teco chute a few years ago, but was wondering if anyone could expound upon some of their current experiences with hydraulic chutes and what is out there today. I have literature on many chutes and the one that catches my eye is made by Silencer. Only drawback is the price. Really do not have to have all those bells and whistles either. Maybe someone has a used one for sale around my area. Any ideas and information would be mighty handy.

Thanks in advance!
Our vet has a Silencer and he swears by it. Course it is portable and he runs a lot of cattle through it. Hard to justify the cost unless you have a lot of cattle.
But if it makes your life easier, that is worth something, too. This vet would rather take the Silencer with him as use most of the chutes ranchers have.

I think someone on here recommended a Stampede hydraulic chute too. Look back through the topics, we have had quite a discussion on this earlier. That might help.
Silencers cost alot, but you can always resell them for most the money back so we're really only talking about interest on the money. Luco at Strong City sells a big stout scissor head hydraulic for about 5K.

The patent on the rotary head is pretty old, I wonder if everyone goes rotary when thy can.
we have two silencers and love them. our vet has a formost and would rather use that for PGing and such. He says the silencer is to heavly built and the doors are to heavy to have to open for every critter.
The first silencer we bought in 93 and could sell it for the same as we paid for it, but the cost of a new one has gone up alot.
<<<<is the hydraulics of our chute

Old WW chute with a preifert headgate on it....I'm talkin olddddd...with the pully and cable type gate on the back...takes all the lead I got to git the gate open.
I aint that old yet that I should have leaky seals :p Heck I think I should still be under warranty.

(but will keep my eye out for replacement parts list so it's close at hand if needed)
Hey you should go to www.cattleequipment.com and look at these chutes we have 6 of them on our ranches and love them.You can work Bulls fat steers cows with no problem.Call C&S and tell them Charlie said call and ask for Bill you wont be sorry you did.
Take Care Charlie
TXTibbs said:
Brad S said:
Grandin already endorsed the Silencer years ago.

:roll: :roll: :lol:
I did get the 'sarcasm" inference regarding Temple Grandin - - but I don't quite understand the reason. I have never met her, but I hear she is supposed to be tops in the planning field. Is that correct, or - - -what?? I like to stay in touch with the best ideas and products,if possible.

What's with the "Temple Grandin" bit?
TXTibbs said:
Brad S said:
Grandin already endorsed the Silencer years ago.

:roll: :roll: :lol:
I did get the 'sarcasm" inference regarding Temple Grandin - - but I don't quite understand the reason. I have never met her, but I hear she is supposed to be tops in the planning field. Is that correct, or - - -what?? I like to stay in touch with the best ideas and products,if possib;le.

What's with the "Temple Grandin" bit?

it basically just boils down to the fact that i dont like her....thats all :wink: :wink: But i'm a minority when it comes to that opinion, so just let it go and not open a can of worms....we've been there done that on another post somewhere! :lol: :lol: :wink:
Yeah, I got the sarchasm too. I can't say I like her personally because the few times I've talked with her she was so detached, but I must give deferance to her studies.
Silencer's are great Chutes, but I believe you are looking at a $13,000-15,000 price tag. Another Hydraulice out west that is very heavy is Salt Creek. It is made in Lakeview, Oregon. I believe the price tag is still around $10,000. Like most things, If you can write the check, it is the thing to do.......

C &S I believe was mentioned, we used in a feedlot I worked at.... they make a lot of different chutes, I think you still are at the $10,000 area.

I haven't heard what teco is doing lately.

The Stampede is also a great Hydraulic, but I think you are still above 10,000.

There are only two that I am familiar with under $8,000.

Hi-Qual has one that I think is generally $6,000-6500 before the power pack. The thought there is you can run it off of a tractor PTO...If not, the Power Pack is basically a generator you can hook up and run it, I think it is an additional $1,500...This chute is pretty well built and simple, but one drawback is bottom adjustment is manual. They have a pretty good head handler option.....

Powder River came out with what they call a Rancher Hydraulic Chute in January. It is very simple with a Scissors headgate, Side Squeeze and Tailgate all run on Hydraulics. It has a manual bottom adjustment. I think you can find one for around $6,000-6,500 including Power. I have heard of some in Motana selling it for $5,500. Shipping maybe accounts for price difference. It will run on 110 or 220v. Two unique things are the headgate adjusts in and out with side width adjustment (Pivot point moves out with bigger belly cows) and they use the frame as the Hydraulic tank. It isn't represented a a chute for Large Feedlots or Saleyards.

Speaking of Feedlot use, I worked at a 20,000 head one time capacity feedlot that had C&S. C & S were well built, but usually within 2-3 years, stress cracks would show up and need welding. After a bit, these would go to a Doctor area and they'd get a new one.

The worst Hydraulic beats the best manual. All have come leaps and bounds as far as being quiet. hope it works for you cause it trakes a lot of the work out of it!!!!!

Thanks for all the replies guys. I need to start looking again, got sidetracked all last week on other things. We will be running about 500 cows + their calves and a few bulls. We do not need the best nor fanciest chute but it does need to work and probably a head catch of some sort like the Silencer has would be nice.

Anyway I am going to take a look at a few models in person soon so hopefully that will help because we are going to need to get one soon.

Thanks again for the replies!

We can get you a pretty simple Silencer chute(without all the bells and whistles), but we will need to know just what you need.

Our most economical model is the Rancher. It is hydraulic, but designed for the rancher who does not work great numbers of cattle. We can design it very simple or as elaborate as you want. However, there are a few add-on's we do highly recommend. Also, it can be fully portable. I just delivered a pretty fancy Rancher portable with platform scales to a large ranch in Northwest Colorado just last week.....the new owner was very tickled.

If you will send me a detailed list of what you want in a chute, I can send you a quote.

If you want, you can contact me at [email protected] strings attached....


The scissor head gate was invented back in the 40's or 50's. The Silencer full-opening headgate and tailgate is designed for animal safety.....not just for looks. Makes it very easy to get large cows and bulls into the chute. Our other business is feedlot ultrasound and we ALWAYS recommend the Silencer chute to our feedlot customers. Simply put, we never have cattle choke down. Cattle can walk in and walk out of the chute. With the scissor gates, cattle have to jump in and out and the incidence of choking is very high.

We have a hydraulic lower squeeze for both sides. Makes it real easy to adjust the sides, on the fly. I highly recommend the lower squeeze.....you will be unhappy without it.

Basic Rancher Silencer chute, with lower squeeze, two neck bars, louvers on both sides, extra neck access is around $7327. If you can run the chute off tractor hydraulics, then you will not need the portable power unit which is an extra $1599. To make the chute portable is another $1360.

I think we are pretty much in line with the other manufacturers and still have the best design in the industry!

Let me know if I can help.

[email protected]

The Salt Creek, Hi-Qual and Powder River are all Scissors style but differ greatly from the Yoke shaped ones in the 40's and 50's. The Satanchions are more straight up and down so they catch the side of the neck vs underneath. Choking is greatly reduced. Where the Powder River Pivot point adjusts in and out with the width of the squeeze, it maintains this up and down to even further reduce choking. I run a Powder River Manual with the current straight stanchions and don't run into the choking probelms.

Jason Jones is the Florida Rep for Powder River. His voice mail is 1-800-411-7373, ext. 215. He can help you find a dealer with Pricing,


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