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Cattle Squeeze Chutes

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Feb 14, 2005
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Stratford, Texas
Since I am in the business of using and selling hydraulic squeeze chutes, this item has interest to me. Seems there is some difference of opinion as to which chute is the best. It all depends on what type and size of animal you are planning to run thru the chute and your budget.

If you are running all sizes and makes and don't want to cripple cattle, then I would suggest the Silencer. With the full opening head and tail gates, cattle can walk in and walk out. With the competitor scissor gates, cattle have to jump in and out.

A recent Texas Cattle Feeders Assoc. Beef Quality Assurance assessment of squeeze chutes noted that with the scissor head gate, 20% of all cattle stubbled coming out of these types of head gates. This was not a scientific study, but one done at a feedyard if they wanted to be certified in the Beef Quality Assurance program. This may not be significant to you, but consider big cows and bulls having to enter and exit a chute of this type.....how many get crippled.

Also, the full opening head and tail gates are safe to be around. I have yet to see anyone injuried from being hit in the head by the gates. You can't say that about the scissor gates.

If you want a simple hydraulic chute with no frills, we have it, but I'll bet you won't like it. Simply because the 2 neck bars, hydraulic lower squeeze, extra neck access, louvers, side release, just to name a few extras, make the Silencer stand out from all the others.

One more thing, all prices are the same, either from the plant or from one of our dealers. All prices are FOB the plant plus delivery. All dealers work hard to get the chutes delivered and setup correctly.

Go to www.molysilencerchutes.com and see for yourself. When you decide, give me a call.