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Cattle Update: Preconditioning Experts to Appear on RFD-TV

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Feb 13, 2005
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Cattle Update: Preconditioning Experts to Appear on RFD-TV

WHAT: RFD-TV Live call-in program

How can a comprehensive calf preconditioning program make you money? Call during the one-hour, live program and ask the experts how preconditioning can add value to feeder cattle during all stages of their growth. The panel will take live calls from viewers with questions about preconditioning.

WHERE: RFD-TV, DISH Network, Channel 9409, DIRECTV, Channel 379 and Mediacom, Channel 78.

WHEN: Monday, August 15, 8 p.m. EDT/7 p.m. CST

WHO: The largest group of preconditioning experts ever assembled will answer questions and discuss the value of calf preconditioning.

James Herring has served as the President and CEO of Friona Industries for more than 15 years. Friona is the fourth largest cattle feeding operation in the United States, with four commercial feedlots each with a one-time capacity of 275,000 head. He also has experience with LFS Capital Corp., the third largest stocker cattle operation in the country.

LeAnn Saunders is a Senior Vice President at IMI Global, who has been offering livestock identification, traceability and verification solutions since 1995. In her role she is responsible for helping IMI's clients from all sectors of the industry answer questions about source verification and traceability, two areas of growing interest in relation to preconditioning programs.

John Butler, Denver, Colo., brings years of experience with the National Cattlemen's Beef Association and Rancher's Renaissance. As a result, he has unique marketing insight to offer concerning value-added opportunities through preconditioning.

Justin Angell, Owner, Eastern Missouri Commission Company, Bowling Green, Mo., is part of the third generation in his family to operate a livestock marketing facility. Prior to purchasing the facility, he spent time promoting and developing preconditioning programs in the field.

Keith Collins, DVM, Milledgeville Vet Clinic, Milledgeville, Ill., has served as a bovine veterinarian for 22 years. During his tenure, he has been extensively involved in implementing preconditioning programs with cow/calf producers and developing feedlot cattle receiving protocols.

Bob Raue, Carroll, Iowa, is the Vice President of Juergens Produce and Feed Co. and a manager and part owner of Summit Cattle Co. After 32 years in the cattle feeding business, he has management and hands-on experience buying, feeding and marketing cattle.

Van Ricketts, DVM, Merial Veterinary Professional Services, has more than 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical sales and management, professional veterinary market development and veterinary product marketing and sales management. He also owned and managed a livestock practice in Missouri.

Live program made possible by MERIAL® SUREHEALTHTM

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