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Feb 11, 2005
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It looks like SD is fed up with USDA. DOes this mean you will not be able to ship cattle into SD without a RFID tag and documented records??? With all these data collections companies, state vet and ag depts, USDA, and NCBA ( wanting to get into the data warehouse business) are our calves gonna look like "Rock Stars" with all the tags, chains, tattoo's, dark glasses( after retinal imagining)????????????????? 8)
Buyers discount for "mud" are we gonna see them discount for heavy tag use!!! :roll:
You just gotta luv it!!!

South Dakota close to state animal ID program

by Pete Hisey on 2/21/05 for Meatingplace.com

Despite resistance from some trade groups, a bill that would create an immediate and probably mandatory livestock identification program based on radio frequency identification technology passed the South Dakota House Agricultural Committee by unanimous vote and was sent to the full House on Thursday. The bill has already gained state Senate approval.

The South Dakota Stockgrowers Association opposes the bill, saying that hot-branding is the only truly permanent means of identification, while the South Dakota Cattlemen's Association supports it.

The Animal Industry Board, which would set up the program and operate it, said that it could take 10 years to implement a national animal ID program and that the state has to protect its livestock industries as quickly as possible.

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