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CCMP Stakeholders Introduce New USA-RAISED BEEF Logo

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Apr 8, 2005
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Lincoln, NE ~ Stakeholder groups in the Cattlemen's Competitive Market Project (CCMP) introduced today a sweeping new campaign to promote domestically raised beef. During a press conference held in Rapid City, SD officials unveiled the new

"USA-RAISED BEEF" logo which will heighten consumer awareness about the safety and nutritional value of beef born, raised and processed in the U.S.

"This campaign marks a new beginning for U.S. cattlemen," said Ken Knuppe, president of South Dakota Stockgrowers Association (SDSGA). "America's cattle producers deserve a national promotional program that distinguishes their product from that of foreign nations. The current mandated $1.00 per head checkoff promotes generic beef and that includes foreign beef imported into America, sold under the guise of the USDA grade stamp of approval. CCMP is rolling out a logo and promotional campaign designed to enhance demand for USA-RAISED BEEF, which is the safest, most nutritious beef in the world. We're very enthusiastic about the opportunities that exist for American cattlemen and consumers through this program."

SDSGA is a stakeholder in CCMP, a voluntarily funded producer self-help program established in part to enhance demand for U.S. cattle and beef, and educate consumers about the nutritional values of USA-RAISED BEEF.

Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska (ICON), Montana Cattlemen's Association (MCA), Cattle Producers of Washington (CPOW), R-CALF USA and the Organization for Competitive Markets (OCM) are also stakeholder groups in CCMP.

"The USA-RAISED BEEF program is part of U.S. cattlemen's developing partnership with consumers. In effect it is our contract with them," noted Rick Fox, SDSGA vice-president. "America's cattlemen work hard to produce the safest meat in the world under the most rigorous standards on the face of the globe. We're proud of what we produce and we want it labeled. Until now, cattlemen have not had a promotional campaign that emphasizes the facts about the safety and security of purchasing USA-RAISED BEEF. Now we do. It is our goal to reach every consumer in every corner of America, encouraging them to demand U.S. born and raised beef."

Carrie Longwood, SDSGA Executive Director agreed adding, "This program answers a call from grassroots producers who want a promotional campaign supporting domestically born and raised beef; that sets apart U.S. beef from that of foreign origin. Experience has shown that throwing billions of dollars at a generic promotional program doesn't showcase USA-RAISED BEEF nor does it enhance consumer demand for our product. The idea for this program came from the grassroots and it will be driven by U.S. producers through CCMP. Success can't be measured by merely the amount of money thrown at a concept; it's the quality of the ideas that provide the thrust. Our feedback shows that producers are coming together solidly behind this campaign and SDSGA is proud to lead the charge."

The new logo and promotional campaign made its debut today through an arrangement with Korkow Rodeo Company of South Dakota. Jim Korkow, rodeo producer and cattleman, said the concept was born when he learned the nationally mandated beef checkoff could not promote U.S. beef. "Frankly, I was stunned to learn the facts about the national checkoff," noted Korkow. "I made a proposal to the South Dakota Beef Industry Council requesting funding to promote U.S. beef. I was advised that unless we promoted generic beef we would not receive any funding. As a cattleman myself, I simply can't justify promoting my competitor's beef. I presented my idea to promote USA.-RAISED BEEF to the Cattlemen's Competitive Market Project through the South Dakota Stockgrowers Association, and they took the concept and ran with it. This goes to show what a voluntary producer funded effort can do. You can bet that Korkow Rodeo trucks will carry the USA-RAISED BEEF logo proudly and we'll do all we can to promote American cattlemen and their product throughout the year."

Chase Carter, OCM Executive Director said, "This is a win-win combination for consumers, producers and yes, even meat processors and retailers. As we increase domestic demand for U.S. beef, everyone will benefit. This is one of the simplest value-added programs ever developed. By encouraging consumers to demand U.S. beef, we add value to the national cattle herd and consumers will be asking the right questions at the retail case. Now that seafood labeling has been implemented, the absolute right next step is to see that all meat is labeled as to country of origin. This new campaign is designed to provide that impetus. U.S. cattlemen have a wonderful relationship with consumers. It's time that we expand that relationship and ask consumers to demand USA-RAISED BEEF."

The new logo is patriotic in nature, with the slogan "Not Just Any Beef. USA RAISED BEEF. Ask For It. The logo has been trademarked and will begin appearing through agreements with CCMP.
I'm sorry that this appears to be all flash and no substance.

Am I missing something, or are they just going to run ads and ask consumers to demand USA produced beef?

No identification of who produced it other than "not imported".

No requirement for specific quality grades of standards.

What happens when a consumer gets a low-grade commodity steak they can't eat?

Or even when they buy a decent quality steak and ruin it with improper cooking which they don't even realize is possible, then blame that "USA produced beef"?

Meanwhile, NCBA has been working with many in the industry and government to come up with rules and regulations that will make voluntarily labeled beef WITH real quality controls and trace-back a reality.

FACT: There already are some USA produced and labeled beef products available, including a guarantee of satisfaction! Hope they don't plan to take credit for what has already been achieved by others.