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Celebrating the 40th

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Feb 10, 2005
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Hubby and I have been celebrating our 40th this weekend. His dad and our kids came and cooked us a fine meal, preferable to our way of thinking than contending with small grandchildren rampaging in a restaurant. This morning (a few hours prior to our actual wedding ceremony 40 years ago) hubby experienced two white-faced dizzy spells which passed quickly but alarmed me enough to put my foot down about going out to church. His response: "You're just concerned I won't make it under the 40 year warranty!"
I feel really blessed living with this man who has had a consistently good sense of humor in all situations.
Congrats nr, it's wonderful to hear that people can still stay together and feel blessed as well. I hope you get another 40 years together.
Congratulations on your 40th wedding anniversary. That is a great milestone and inspiration to others, especially in this "modern" day and age. Hope your husband gets over his dizzy spells, and that they were merely caused from the excitement of the day. Have a great time with your friends and relatives.

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