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checkoff at work

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Feb 14, 2005
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Beef Checkoff
Checkoff-Funded BSE Crisis Plan Wins Top Honors
The Beef Checkoff Program's management of a potential consumer confidence crisis has been cited as the top Crisis/Issues Management Campaign of the Year by PR Week. A national trade publication for the public relations field, PR Week lauded not only the timely response to the confirmed U.S. case of BSE in December 2003, but the years of checkoff-funded preparation that contributed to its effectiveness.

NCBA and public relations agency Burson-Marsteller were recognized for the work they did on behalf of America's beef producers and the Cattlemen's Beef Board in responding to the crisis. As a result of the effort, consumer confidence in beef did not suffer following the BSE incident, and U.S. consumer demand for beef has continued to climb, recording its largest single-year increase in 2004 -- almost 8%.
-- Joe Roybal
This was also the year that the Adkins diet kicked in big time, that had more to do with the demand than others that helped contribute to it. The demand is starting to fall as the Adkins diet is starting to pull back a bit.

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