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Chinese Skydiving

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Well... wow.... I don't know what's more impressive; the scenery, the base jumping, or the engineering marvel that is the road going up there. I'd sure like to see that in person.
A person can get all self centered thinking their own country has the best scenery, engineering, etc. and then you see something like that. That canyon makes our little canyons north of the Rio Grande look pretty insignificant.
Me too Silver, not only the engineering it took to build the road, but I'd like to know how they accomplished the gondola. I'll bet everything including the cement had to be carried by helicopter to some of those spots.
That whole video was quite breath taking, flying a little to close to the trees for me. ( down draft would be bad)
Pretty country for sure, but I aint about to jump off sumthin like that, learnt my lesson years ago.
Now I dont get high in the sky or deep in the water :D
good luck

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