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Chronic Wasting Disease and Potential Transmission to Humans

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Feb 14, 2005
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Thank-You for all the time spent digging up this info. I think it's hard to draw conclusions from this, given as little as we know about the expression of the CWJ itself. There seems to be some reason why most people and animals don't "get it." Yet some do. When we figure that one out we will have made huge progress. Maybe it has to do with the metal balance of those who consume the prions as some research suggests.
You seem to think that age is a factor in transmission in humans. It would seem to me that if babies are succeptable that they must be infected from mother that is a carrier, but not expressing symptoms. This could mean that there are a lot more carriers out there than one thinks. Thanks again for your time.
a potential case of maternal transmission from 2000

I hope we have come to further conclusions than this in 5 years. With all the $ and work that has been done in the last 5 years, you would think there is more than "potential"! :shock:

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