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Chupacabras along the Rio Grande.

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Feb 13, 2005
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This damned drought just never quits does it boy,old elmo said as he spit beechnut juice into the parched south Texas red dirt, bout the onliest ones making a living in this weather are a few goat herders, damned things can live off mesquite beans and wanita brush.

Aw hell elmo aint you heard drought builds character in a man I said, besides suns getting low and I bet old doc Mitchell is bout ready to get started showin you how to drink tequila, lets get these hay burners unsaddled and head down to Carrizo springs, 5 will get you 10 the ole coot is in there, probably got a senorita or 2 close.
Drought has sure taken it's toll around here but I be damned if I was gonna let it get me, and if it did, damned sure not lettin anyone know especially my old friend elmo.

I was worried about my old friend this drought has really rattled him, usually tough and ready for most anything last few weeks I noticed a change in him, he seemed on the verge of quittin, always has this sad far away look in his eyes,always looking in the distance and not sayin much.
Now usually it's elmo that's first to the cantina, but like I said he seems to be feelin pekid the last few weeks, maybe age and the drought has a way of weatherin a man.
So I just figgered a nite at the Royal Palace Dancehall in Carrizo springs might get his mind off the drought and on being elmo, I shoulda known better....................
well there's the old coots pickup elmo said,he's got a head start on us we gonna hafta get serious on this drinkin deal, damned heat' got me a mite thirsty.
Well ole doc was already as a drunk as a hill billy at a rooster fight, perched at the bar
like he had good sense..........hey doc, com'on over to the table where we can spread out and talk weather I said, ole doc bowlegged over to our table with that usual scowl on his face, weather huh ? damned heat is worst than that crap called mad cow disease, ever thing around here is dead down or dieing, if a man died and went to hell he'd hafta write home for a couple blankets, speakin of dieing it's a good damn thing we got down here that one armed goat raiser that's staying in my shed, spending more time tendin his goats than my steers, found 3 dead this morning across the creek Marteen sez it looks like chupacabra sign and I think it is too never seen a print like that,long skinny ole foot with long toes and looks like plenty claw, I think we need to set some traps along the river and katch a couple of those dam devil dogs they aint gonna leave as long as a steer is standin and I sure as hell aint haulin em back to the hill country, might call a buyer or 2 in the morning see what they say.
Good idea doc prices are fair sure might be a good time to cash out, well you call em in the morning old doc said I dont like these meskin buyers talk to much.
I will doc but I thought you said you liked doin buisness with that guerro fella ?
I reckon he's about the best of what you get down here but he aint exactly tounge tied when he is makin chin music, gets on my nerves when Im tryin to tend buisness.
OK doc I'll call in the morning then get to trackin we will see about this chupacabra deal.
Hey !!!Patron 3 whiskey's "por favor" ole doc said, buisness and chupacabras could wait till morning, there were a few interestin customers in the house and of course I had to help old elmo get over whatever was ailin him so.........................

good luck
Faster horses said:
Welcome Back, Haymaker. :D
You've been missed.

Thanks girl, good to be back.........................more later, have to get caught up around here, hope all of Yall have been well.
good luck
Well, ya didn't completely dry up and blow away you old buzzard. Good to have you back. :D

If you need some fluid replenishment you're more than welcome to come here for a visit, raining and a toasty 39F on top of the mountain this afternoon. :roll:

Ya might want to bring your woolies. :wink:

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