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Clarence--what is this bird???

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Turkey Track Bar

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Feb 11, 2005
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North Central SD, South Central ND
Hi Clarence--

In the past you seemed pretty knowledgeble (? spelling) on the flora and fauna on the northern plains.....

We have a pair of these birds that come back every year, and arrived to our outfit about a month ago--do you know what they are? I think they're pretty cool, and so different from our other birds.

In advance, thanks,


PS I hope I can get this picture posting stuff figured out


I'm editing this message---cool tool I never realized was available---sorry the picture isn't the best-I had to pretty much point and click as these guys are kinda flighty, and by the time I got the hubby stopped (we were tagging calves) the birds were 'bout ready to fly the "coop"!
That bird i have seen many times on our ranch in South Dakota.

It is a called a Long-Billed Curlew (Numenius americanus)

Here is a website that explains a little more about them:


Take care
I was told by someone, that bird is a Plover. Don't know if the fella knew what he was talking about, though.
TX Tibbs---

Sure enough, that's them-a Long Billed Curlew!!! I now know what a Curlew is---a couple of folks were just chatting about them not too long ago on here (I think Clarence and Katrina, but could be mistaken)

When I came north from CO I really missed all the different birds we had in the mountains---but enjoy the ones we have here too-with the exception of the pheasants-if they would stay off the road and quit trying to commit suicide, I'd like them more!

I am not sure my hubby ever looked at the "fauna" until he met me--he's always in too big of a hurry, but now he's starting to and I think we might start keeping a list of birds we see around our place.

Anyway, thanks-I learned something new today, so it will an extra great day!

They do make a nice sound......i miss hearing them. You hear that sound and if you didn't know what it was it would make you wonder what was out there. They are a big bird and lay big eggs. There little chicks ive seen several times just running around dodging hooves or tires. haha. They don't really stay in a nest.....they are more like a kill deer chick and may just be running anywhere.
Do you flokes up north have "whipper-wills" and if so have you ever seen one. I have herd them every summer evening and night of my life but have only seen one a few times. Last year one liked to sit on a limb close to the house and with me sleeping with the window open he keep me up more than one night.
The sounds of an alabama summer evening without a whipper-will in the background would sure be strange.
Ain't the internet a great thing.
click on the link below to hear a whipporwill.

All these years what I thought was a whipporwill is in fact a "Chuck-will's-widow" I was looking for a better sound bite when I discovered the differance. Please follow the link below and click on sound for an exact sound bite.
Trust me!!!!!! The bird in the picture is NOT a Curlew! It lookes to be a Willet. If I am wrong I will eat Crow .LOL
I will go for a Marbled Godwit. I don't think we have them here, but likely you do farther north. It looks to be about 18- 20 inches in length, about the same size as the curlew, but the curlew has a downward curved bill. the coloring looks about the same as a curlew. listen to it's voice, a Godwit should say godwit, or kerwhit- kerwit, a curlew says curleeeu-curleeu.

The upland plover, or upland sandpiper, as it is sometimes called, are common here. They are smaller, only a bit larger than a mourning dove. They have a shorter bill. I also considered a common snipe, they have a long bill but are also smaller, more the size of the sandpiper.
I would agree with Juan. The bird in the picture is not a curlew, because a curlew has a longer bill that is curved. The bird in Turkey Track Bar's photo has a straight beak that is shorter than a curlew's.

As far as Juan's observation that it is a willet, it's hard to tell. I wouldn't know a willet from a "won't it" so can't be of any help. I don't know what it is, just know what it ain't.
Juan said:
Trust me!!!!!! The bird in the picture is NOT a Curlew! It lookes to be a Willet. If I am wrong I will eat Crow .LOL

The curve of the bill looks different in the two pictures.

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