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Coast to Coast am tonight

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Mar 16, 2005
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The first hour should be interesting. Web site www.coasttocoastam.com. This thing is going to get out of hand.
hayseed said:
The first hour should be interesting. Web site www.coasttocoastam.com. This thing is going to get out of hand.

Great, just@@##@@## great a former u.s.d.a vet who is a vegetarian only.
Woke up in the middle of the night last night, couldn't sleep, so I turned on the radio. There he was .... perhaps I have psychic abilities I am not aware of., :wink:

I listened to his interview, and didn't hear much new that hasn't been said before. The really interesting thing about this is that when they opened up the phone lines after he got off, there was NOT ONE single phone call about BSE for the entire hour I stayed awake. Lots of calls about extinct woodpeckers, and UFO's and such, but no one called in about the beef issue.

Could it be that it's not too late for consumer confidence to be maintained? :!:
Could it be that R-Calf has not reached the mainstream consumer with it's scare tactics yet? :wink:
Wouldn't that be nice? 8)
There is an old saying about "let a sleeping dog lie."

I have talked with many consumers (housewives) and BSE is/was not an issue to them. I wish R-Calf would just get off the subject instead of calling attention to it EVERY time you turn around. I can't believe they want to make so much noise to people who we depend on to buy our product. If that is in our best interests, then I give up.

I really can't understand that someone in R-Calf's camp doesn't understand this and tell them (INSIST) to knock it off. R-Calfers are so worried about NCBA policy not being dictated by membership~what about their membership~aren't they hollering "CEASE AND DESIST" with the bad publicity that R-Calf continually dishes out? Because it really is bad publicity. Luckily, I don't think many newspapers, etc. have picked up on it, for whatever reason I don't know. We can count our lucky stars one of the tv news media hasn't chosen to do a full story on it as they did with Alar and the apples. They aren't going to look the other way forever.

R-Calf, just SHUT THE HELL UP!!

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