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Coffee shop that quietly supports our industry

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Dec 22, 2007
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SW Alberta
A person or business should be judged by their actions. With that in mind my son and I were working at our ranch near Longview Alberta and stopped for lunch at the hotel. For a change be both had "clubhouse sandwiches". I usually don't eat a clubhouse because I like to support the beef industry over feathers because that is where my lunch money comes from...... Low and behold, the Café at the Longview hotel uses cheese, bacon, ham, tomato, lettuce and beef. Yes Beef instead of Turkey or Chicken. Hanging on the wall are pictures of the 4 H calves they bought over the years. Hats off to a business that supports my business. :tiphat: Oh and the fries were cooked in Canola Oil, another commodity that is local to here.

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