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Combined Cattle/Horse Haylage Feeder

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Jan 17, 2011
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Southland, New Zealand
Hello Folks

I'm just about to build a new feeder. I pitchfork from the bale into the feeder each day (usually I have two horses and two to four cattle in one mob, and they eat too much if left to 'ad-lib").

The last feeder I built was "up' about 3 feet of the ground so that they had to pull the feed down through a six inch mesh. It worked great for both horses and cattle, seemed to have very minimal waste, but was are a bit more complicated to build, heavier and therefor harder to shift.

However do the sort that just sit on the ground allow stock to pull a lot of feed out and waste it ? I know that some ground feeders have "head bails" so that cattle can't do their usual "pull out a mouthfull, drop half it and then trample it" thing, but how do horses react to the bails ?



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