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Computerized Humor

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Mar 13, 2005
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Southern Montana

Modem: What you did to the hay field and ditches.

Keyboard: Where you hang the keys when you finish work.

Windows: What you shut when cold weather sets in.

Windows 98: Temperature at which you must have them open.

Log On: What you put on the stove after you shut windows.

Mouse: A rodent found in the barn.

Hard Drive: Traveling during a blizzard.

Download: Getting firewood off the pick-up.

Megahertz: What you'll have if you're not careful downloading.

Floppy Disk: An indication that your machinery needs repair.

Microchips: What your calves leave in the pasture.

Computer: What you say when you call your hound "Puter".

Byte: What Puter does if you don't feed him when you call.
Good ones!!
How about:
CD How a rancher looks when his wife doesn't keep him spiffed up.
From my own pea-brain. I think.
( However when you read as much as I do, write as much as I do, and FORGET as much as I do, things sometimes shift places!) :oops:

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