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Mar 13, 2005
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Southern Montana
Ok people, I have heard a lot about a lot of things. Lets start debating and proliferating the Country Of Origin Labeling subject. I will start by picking a side, I am for country of origin labeling. Now lets get some feedback!
Fraser, me too( for it), if we had country of origin labeling, we as Canadians could target market our product and price accordingly. We would ship it in boxes, the US would be responsible for the cost and we could market it as "homone free", " BSE tested" " SRM's Removed' or whatever!

It would give us a lot more flexibility, and with our lower cost of production, I bet all R-calf members would be up here buying our cattle and getting them shipped down to the US. That might even create some competition for calves and drive the price up.
Interesting take murgen, I wonder when this BSE thing blows over, I wonder if COOL will be the only thing to spark relations with japan and get global demand back on the upward. "North American Beef" perhaps?
"North American Beef" perhaps?

Don't think so, from now on, with all the slamming of the "North American" beef industry and the safety of the beef from Canada, I think we're all on our own! R-calf has done a good job of segregating the Continent, so now the marketing will have to be done separately, no economies of scale here anymore! But I'd rather be sitting with volume rather than with a small portion of production. That gives one the marketing potential. COOL will only further the segregation. No more importing Canadian live animals and packaging the beef aqs USDA and then exporting them! If you import them, then you eat them!
Also the better tasting canadian barley feed beef will outsell the corn fed poor tasting US beef. I am all in favor of cool. 8)
I have an uncle that still finishes on a barley, oats, corn molasses grist, tasty stuff!
What do you think will happen if the R-CALF lies about Canadian beef take hold and then the US consumer realize that they are eating Canadian beef that is labeled with US labels?

Remember all the imported cattle that the US can't find?

What do you think will happen if those lies take hold and then BSE is found in the US herd?

Will the US consumer take a chance on US beef or will they be eating imported beef from say Australia as they haven't had a reported case of BSE?

And with the "M"COOL bill as it is written you have no way of proving where your beef comes from yet. Don't you think you should have to guarantee that label, with something proving where the beef was born and raised before it was slaughtered.?

Or are you still thinking you can just label the imported and the rest will be US beef by default?

You say you are for COOL, so do you also believe that a person has a right to know where the beef he/she is eating comes from?

Does that go for the person that eats a fast food burger or a high priced steak in a classy restraunt?

I'm just wondering if you are really for COOL or just for COOL as written there is a big different. Are you willing to live with the consequences of labeling all beef?
I think by far the tastiest beef is grass fattend.. but havent had any of that in a long time.corn fed beef to me has a flavor unlike barley fed or grass fed.

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