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Copper sulfat - Blue green algae

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Feb 10, 2005
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N.E. Oregon
Do any of you treat ponds or dugouts with copper sulfate? Liquid or Bluestone? How do you apply it? and what rate? We did it last year , after loosing 4 cows to blue green algae poisoning the year before. Know the folks in Sas. and Man. use bluestone but the ones we asked weren't real definate on how much to use. I have the "book" info, just wondered what other people do. Thanks
Buy a windmill and aerate if you are worried - it works better than bluestone.

Lived on a dugout for years - used to ask the seller how much to use - they have the means to find out. If not, use a better supplier. Swidhed to aeration and would never go back.

We also have used bluestone in the past. I use ten pound for a 1.5 million gallon dugout in june and august. It is important not to wait too long in the summer. If you get alot of growth and then do a kill your dugout will be digesting the rotten stuff all winter and that creates very smelly water. The best way to put it in a dugout is to put the bluestone in a cotton sack and drag it behind a boat untill it is gone. By the way, we also sprinkle liberal amounts of bluestone around the water troughs to prevent footrot. Works great.

I use a small handful or just enough to cover my palm when cupped, for a 12-1400 gal tire tank. Bluestone is probably just a larger piece of this blue crystal mineral that we used to use as a horse wormer. It kills water bugs also.

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