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Apr 24, 2009
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I need to do some rebuilding on our corral situation on our north place. What we have is good quality woven wire of sorts. Its more like Red Brands, No Climb stuff. Anyway, it just has regular line post holding it up, an I have never wanted to apply to, or ANY much pressure on them. Sometimes all it takes is the neighbors escape cow to break a post. I have enough power poles to go in a replace every post, plus enough pipe to put a top rail on everything and a rub rail on an ally if I build one. This setup is only used to unload and pair up in the spring, precondition in the fall and ship out.


What is highlited in purple is the existing fences, the pink are gates, and black would be new. I am thinking the alley would be 12ft wide, as well as most of the gates. Mainly cause that is what I have.
The ranch doesn't own any portable panels, and mine are light horse panels, so portable is out. We will only have 200 pairs up there.
the fence in the back ground is around a lot with our corrals it is RR ties on16 foot centers with a 8 foot green post in the middle with 5 ft high no climb and 2 poles log screwed to the post
couple of random thoughts--

I despise square corners--i see 3 or 4 corners that could be 45'd

on alleys, i'm thinking 10' if always afoot, 12' if either foot or horseback, 14' if horseback

don't really have a handle on your deal---but there's usually a place where a mangate is neat---

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