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Cow dog trial

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Feb 10, 2005
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N.E. Oregon
Some friends of ours hosted a dog trial last weekend, it's the third year they've done it and the first that I made it to. I've never been to one so it was fun,went with Carol who has dabbled in sheep dog trials. Can see how a person would want to start doing it as I kept thinking "well Jill could do that" :p Of course she could at home but could she do it there? There will be two more in the area this summer so will try to go watch them too. Also a trainer I know is giving a clinic in LaGrande in June so may try to go that too. You can always learn something!

Gcreek, do you know or know of Richard Marten? Guess he's from Vanderhoof. I talked to him for a minute but didn't get to ask him if knew you.
I know who Richard is and likely he knows of me but we've never had the pleasure of meeting. I hear he's got some good trial dogs. Big family at Vanderhoof, feedlot, dairy, cow/calf, hay and logging.

Don't be afraid to enter the nervous novice at the next one. Everyone has to start somewhere.
I agree with gcreek. We have a friend who had a good dog and she
started entering and wow, is that ever in her blood now!! She lives
where it is real isolated, but that doesn't stop her and she's had some
real success. Her first dog was called, "Badger" but he got dubbed
"Alligator" at one of the first trial she entered. She got him conquered
tho, and his pups were highly sought after. He had to be put down
last year, just old age.

You go for it, girl!!!
I agree also, Go For It. Everyone has first trial nervousness...tho the case of nerves never went away for me. They are fun and addicting. I only go once or twice a year if I get time but like to go to the state fair ones and the ones that run for money....brings out the good dogs and courses are real challenging.
What in the heck did that cowdog do that would require holding a trial? :???: Must'a had a little pitbull crossed with the collie! :wink: :D

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