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Cow Has Triplet Calves In Nebraska

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Mar 2, 2005
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USA Today reported today in the Nebraska section of the Across the USA page,

"Kearney - A Nebraska family farm has three new additions. One of cattle producer Tom Trampe's cows recently gave birth to triplets, a phenomenon experts say happens about once in every 100,000 births. Even Trampe was surprised; he had been expecting twins. The three calves and their mother are healthy, he said."

Anybody on here know Tom?
I didn't realize triplets were that rare. Last year we had an old cow jump through a fence and had triplets in a shelterbelt. One died. Had to whack the old girl on the nose a few times with a shovel to get close to them.
In the forty years I've lived on this ranch, we have never had a set of triplets and very few twins. Seems like multiple births in cattle are like multiple births in people and there must be a family predisposition toward them.
Our neighbor had an interesting thing happen this week. He was feeding cows and found one of last year's heifer calves had calved. The tiny calf was alive, although it could only have weighed less than ten pounds. He took the tractor to the shed, jumped on his horse to bring the heifer and tiny new baby back to the barn, and the new little calf was gone and the little heifer was going crazy. He figures a coyote must have come in, grabbed the tiny new baby for lunch, and absconded before the new mother could do anything about it.
Have any of you ever seen such a small calf that was born live?
We have had five sets of twins so far this year, and they have all survived.

John Fairhead, north of Merriman, NE, had triplets quite a few years back. The local newspaper came out to take pictures of the three calves and the four little Fairhead boys. The caption under the picture read something like, "Trying to get the boys and calves to cooperate for this photo was similar to trying to hold seven corks all under water at the same time." :)
I have seen one set of triplets, about 40 years ago, all died, dad had the hides tanned and each of his boys got one. We have had alot of twins the last few years, 12 or more out of 350 to 400 cows. I thought maybe the GnRH from synching them. Saw a neighbor today, he had 7 sets out of 80 cows that have calved. They breed natural AI. Who knows.

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