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Cow in question born before feed ban.....

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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al
OK folks, the PUBLIC RELATIONS have started!

Bloomberg Link: USDA Says Suspect Mad-Cow Animal Was Born Before 1997 Feed Ban

June 13 (Bloomberg) -- The animal involved in the latest possible U.S. mad cow case was born before August 1997, when the government imposed new feed rules designed to prevent the spread of the brain-wasting livestock illness, the Department of Agriculture said.

USDA spokesman Ed Loyd, while not providing the birth date or other details, said the animal was born before the U.S. and Canada banned the use of ground-up parts of cattle in livestock feed as a protein source. Scientists say cattle contract mad cow disease, clinically known as bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or BSE, by eating infected parts of other animals.

That means that if tests confirm that the animal was infected, it may have contracted the disease prior to the 1997 ban, and that the feed restrictions have been working as designed, said Dan Vaught, a livestock analyst with A.G. Edwards & Sons Inc. in St. Louis.
Personally, I don't believe anything the USDA says anymore. If this is really true, why the delay in announcing it? Why did they not say that when the original announcement that she had come back 'weakly positive' for the WB test was made?
I'd be interested to know if they were able to trace that cow back to the farm of origin. If so, did they test all that cow's birth cohorts and can they track the ones that have been sold? I'm assuming that the only way they would know when that cow was born was by the year letter on the cow's tag.

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