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Cowboy poem- Hats

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leanin' H

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Nov 8, 2007
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Western Utah Desert

My wife says I have, too many hats?

That’s like a cat lady. with too many cats,

Or a vampire, with too many bats.

I mean, who in the hell ever has enough hats?

I have a work hat I wear, when I cut cedar post.

I have my favorite one, that I love the most.

I have one I wear for breakfast, when we eat French toast.

And one I wear to parties I am asked to host.

I have one that I wear when the sun is high.

I have one for cold weather, when snow falls from the sky.

I have one just for airplanes, if I ever go fly.

And I’ve got one I wear, if I’m sad, and cry.

I have one I wear, when I’m ridin my horse.

And one that I only wear, to church, of course.

One that I wear, if I’m feeling remorse.

And one, when a politician, wants me to endorse.

But, somehow she thinks I have way too many.

I think if she had her way, I wouldn’t have any.

But it’s tough to define, how many is plenty?

And my collection could be worth, a very pretty penny.

She can’t figure out where they all came from.

I’ve got a good system, and it isn’t random.

Feed stores and auctions, have given me some.

And the tractor part’s store, hands them out like they’re chum.

When I walk in a store and see hats on the wall

How can I resist, that I kinda want them all?

And if I do not buy at least one, the salesman will bawl!

Now truly, does that sound strange to y’all?

There just ain’t no way I’ve got too many hats!

It’s like having a tire, that never goes flat.

I mean who in the hell, wouldn’t want that?

Imagine a cowboy, that only owns, one dog gone hat!

But I promised my wife I’d try to cut back

Maybe only have seven, that are felt and black.

But I’m kind of a junkie, hooked on hats, not crack.

But if I buy one more, I’m bound to catch flack.

So I guess my collection, will not be expanding,

Now that she and I have, our new understanding.

I just had to choose one, when I came to this branding.

Or I may end up exactly like that bull calf, they are currently banding.

Darrell Holden

Nov 22

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