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Cowboys and Indians

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Feb 10, 2005
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Southern Manitoba
Bounty-hunters snarl Delhi traffic catching cows

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - A cash reward on the heads of New Delhi's stray cows has triggered road chaos in the Indian capital as bounty hunters on motorbikes compete to round up cattle roaming the streets, The Hindustan Times said on Saturday.
The Delhi High Court passed an order on Thursday instructing authorities to offer 2,000 rupees per cow -- an average Indian's monthly salary -- to rid the city of the traffic menace.

With cows sacred to Hindus, who make up the bulk of India's billion-plus population, an estimated 35,000 cows and buffalo roam free in the capital, sharing space with hordes of monkeys, camels and stray dogs.

Traffic routinely comes to a halt on highways to allow animals to amble across, leading to accidents.

The newspaper said stick-toting "cowboys" with motorbikes as their steeds were chasing cows all over the city and authorities were hard put to keep pace with the flood of strays being handed over to state shelters.

"There is no dearth of stray cattle ... 2000 rupees is a lot of money. I will not rest till there is not a single cow or bull left on the roads," bus driver Chander Singh was quoted as saying.

Authorities were giving out receipts to be cashed in later.

The cows must be delivered alive, of course. Just a rumour that one has been mistreated can prompt revenge attacks by angry mobs.

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