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Cowdogs part 2 for Soapweed and Saddletramp

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Feb 14, 2005
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Western South Dakota
This one needs a little work, but I thought it fit the discussion!


I was lookin for a ranch job one time
But good jobs was kind'a hard to find
Especially when you've got your dog along
But this ol' pup I had would really mind

Now I've seen some real good hounds
But ol' Tab, he was probably the best
He hadn't made much of a mistake in years
He could pass any ranchdog type test

So I stops in at a ranch one day
Where I heard they was needin' some help
The boss says, "I can sure use a good man
But I don't need no dad burned whelp!"

"If you'll just give us a chance" I says
"I'll gaurantee you, we can do any task
And if we don't, we'll go on down the road
Give us a fair trial, is all that I ask!"

So me and the boss and my good dog, Tab
We saddles up and heads on out
To gather some stock that the man needed sorted
This guy will see what my dogs all about

When we come to a gate Tab runs on ahead
Throws it back, to let us on thru'
Waits 'till we ride by then he shuts it
This feller raised an eyebrow or two

I just sit there and don't say nuthin' at all
'Cause I want the boss to be impressed
At all of the things a good dog could do
Like I said, Tab can pass any workin' dog test

We find some cattle and Tab starts to sort
And that ol' dog is workin' just great
All me an the boss seem to have to do
Is to point out a cow and then watch the gate

I'm not tryin to help ol' Tab at all
Cause I need to make the boss understand
That if he hires me he's gettin' a real good deal
For the price of one, he gets two fine hands

Then one cow starts to get on the fight
But that don't bother ol' Tab none at all
He's seen bunches of ringy ol' she cattle
Matter of fact, ol' Tabs havin' a ball

A big snorty bull is the next on the list
And my dog Tab brings him out, plumb slick
With a few well placed bites the bull's on the run
He's sorted off and out of the gate damn quick

It wasn't too long and we were done
and Tab ain't made a single mistake
I'm feelin' purty good figurin' we must be hired
Feel pretty sure this feller will give us a break

All this time we been sittin' and watchin
Tab done the sortin' and did it just fine too
Any other time, why I'd a helped Tab out
But I wanted this guy to see what a dog could do

'Cause Tabs got to sell us to this feller
If the boss likes him, we got a job for sure
The boss asks, "Does he work like this for anyone?"
"You bet", I says," He's not your typical cur!"

"Well he sure can work!", the boss said and smiled
And we heads back to the ranch at a jog
I'm feelin pretty good, 'till we get to the house
Where he sends me a packin..... and hires my dog!
Good poem, Jinglebob. Saddletramp, Mrs. Soapweed and I just came in for dinner. Back to the poem, you might have it figured out what would happen in such circumstances. There might be a lesson for a potential waddie to not let his dog outshine his own abilities.

A meadowlark was spotted around here this morning. That is always a cheerfully good sign of spring.
Good one JB!! We have some Robins showed up here a few days ago, right now they are huddled in a juniper, hidin from the wind and snow!
We about had a fist fight at last falls gather. One fellow brought his dog along for the gather. Well the old black cows would come back and want to fight. well he was told to keep the dog back from the cows as it was causing problems but when some calves broke back the dog held up about six and brought them back to the herd.. It was my cows but it was others the seemed to have the problem. The fellow should of asked me if he should bring his dog, I probably would have said Okay anyways.
BMR, you are right, no matter how great the dog is, the man who holds the brand runs the show. I won't unload my dog without a special request, even then, I better like somebody pretty well or I still won't unload my dog.

The rest of the story: a cowherd gets dog broke just like horse broke. Perhaps the owner of the cattle doesn't want to cross that bridge today - tuning in the cows.
Our cows used to be pretty well dog broke but the two old boys hadn't been going with us as much and a few of the cows reverted to their old ways. Even one dog has more trouble then 2 dogs. I remember one old cow that used to chase Toby away from the herd did a real double take when she started after Toby and Griz came up and heeled her . She stopped look at both dogs and trotted back into the herd. It just takes awhile to get the cows trained. The day of fall gather isn't the day tho as to much is at stake if they break back at the end of the day near the corrals.
I think it is the "Code of the West" that you don't bring your dog unless he/she is specifically invited. It is rude to do so.

It is also the "Code of the West" when gathering, to not ride out ahead of the man who owns the cattle. The owner sets the pace, that's the way we were taught.

Unfortunately, there are more and more who don't understand the unspoken "Code of the West." It is a cowboy or cowman's code, and while they understand it, they sure don't talk about it much. It is something you learn while coming up through the ranks. It is a respectful thing.

Where have all the cowboys gone?
We can all relate to what you just posted, FH. What has become of this generation?? Self centered, irresponsible, immature. That's not the way we brought the kids up, but they are certainly that way. Same thing with the cowboys. They've forgotten their "manners". I personally don't appreciate people bringing their dogs to our place when we have to work cows; our cows are accustomed to our dogs, not everyone else's. If we bring our Corgi, he IS ON A LEASH, or locked in the pickup, or stays home. Depends who we go help. Our other dogs stay home. It is the younger generation who bring their @@@??!! dogs here without permission.
FH you said a mouthful of truth. Its one thing to tell yer buddy to load his cook cause she's scarin the cattle, but mention his dog chasing everything through the fence and you might upn hurt his feelings. Sorry ladies, I couldn't resist that joke, but ya know in reality. with every last decent cowboy, an unflattering referance about his boy's momma, and its quits and no fixin.

Hanta, youth generally cures itself, but stupid never learns. No harm in telling someone the dogshow is over and the roundup is on, load the dogs.
Personally, I don't like rope twirlers either. If we're looking at 400 cows and 400 calves, twines make for a slow gather. Tie off the saddle ropes and let's drive them. I rope the dummy with my kids at night, but rope twirlers never make the best handle on a herd.
, I don't like rope twirlers either. If we're looking at 400 cows and 400 calves, twines make for a slow gather. Tie off the saddle ropes and let's drive them. I rope the dummy with my kids at night, but rope twirlers never make the best handle on a herd.[/quote]
I agree with you folks about "rope twirlers", and I appreciate your attitude about leaving the dogs home unless requested to bring them. Here is another one that is worse than rope twirlers, and that is bullwhip artists. The cracking of a bull whip may "sound cool" but it does little to enhance the smoothness of a cattle working. Besides that, it makes all the saddle horses nervous and someone riding too close could lose a nose or an ear.

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