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Cows Banned under Kyoto Pact.

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Are you in favor of US being excluded from the Kyota Pact.

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  • Why bother it will fall apart within a year.

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Feb 13, 2005
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Wildwood New Jersey
Methane from livestock is the biggest source of greenhouse

The 141-nation Kyoto pact, weakened by a U.S. pullout in 2001, will also seek to limit a cocktail of five less common gases found everywhere from cows' stomachs:???: :mad:

But thank GOD, we are NOT signed on to the Pact that will ban "Cows and sheep grazing in fields"

on the bright side we are now in great position to capture the world beef market....Get ready ship them pre-packaged cuts... :lol:

Sorry this was supposed to go in Political Bull, oops.

I had also added one other option for the poll,

No, because we would be the only country forced to comply........

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