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crazy cats and dogs

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Faster horses

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Feb 11, 2005
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NE WY at the foot of the Big Horn mountains

...and the one driving us crazy...
after you get one in the "message box" just hit the space bar a couple times then go back to photo bucket and highlight the next picture , Ctrl C, then back to message box here, and hit ctrl v. Hope this helps
Repeat as many times as you have pictures

cute pictures too, I think yer kitty is practicin for halloween
lilly is right.

Cept I enter one photo, then hit enter. Go back to photobucket get another picture put in the message and hit enter.

Easier if you have photobucket open in another browser window. Then just switch back and forth from ranchers to photobucket.
Faster Horses,

You can downsize the pictures in photobucket. But once you make them smaller you can't go bigger in photo bucket.

Once you get your pic uploaded to photobucket, hit the edit button. It will ask you 75, 50, or 25%. Take your pick and hit submit. Voila!!! you have a smaller picture.

Hint: unless your photo is HUGE. Start with 75%. You can always go back and do it again. But if you go too small you have to reload the picture again.
Click on the e-mail picture and save it in one of your files then up load it to photobucket. Nothing to it :wink:

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