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critique this calf

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Apr 3, 2011
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Tell me where you feel he is lacking. Two different shots and I know that you can't tell alot from pictures but give me your opinions.

I think he is a darn nice looking calf. It's hard to critique a calf in my opinion. I think you can tell a lot more as they get older, maybe by the end of the pasture season. He does need a fly swatter on the end of his tail !

Sure like your big barn. Is it stone?
Ha ha that's the neighbors house!

I expect by weaning time if grass holds up and momma keeps a milking like she is he will be a bruiser.
I feel like he will top out at about a 6 frame. I plan on sending him to test this fall and hopefully make our annual spring sale.

As for his bloodline I will send it to you pm. I know there is some haters on here of his sire who I believe will make an impact in the angus world.

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