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Cull bull and Cow Prices

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I was talking with a cattle buyer today that buys a lot of cull cows and bulls--He is in town for tomorrows local cattle sale... Said that if you have any cows that lost calves or opens, now is the time to sell-- He said that we could easily see cull cows go for over $70 tomorrow in our area-- Looked at Miles City's Tuesday Sale- they show 1350 lb cows selling at $68 and 2400lb bulls selling at $82......
Picked up some nice 1100 lb Jersey Cows for my Grocery guy, they were at $49.00 on average. Butcher Cows in Hermiston were $54-58 for the most part.

I also picked up some nice 1300 lb bred black cows (8 months along) for $810. These were for another customer, he was well pleased. Guess we aren't seeing this here yet,


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