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Cull cow prices

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Apr 8, 2008
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NE Oregon
I went to a stock cow sale today. Rumors fo 90 cent cows isn't a rumor. And it is not just one excellent cow. The kill buyers bought the majority of the cows. Even solid mouth cows 7 and 8 months bred. Any of the bigger heavier cows went to kill. They were selling by the head but you could do the math and it worked out to be 90 cents plus. I bought one lot of 4 BM cows that are big framed but not heavy fleshed. I got them for one bid over the kill buyers. The $1060 price worked out to be 87 cents a pound. I sure hope the kill price stays this hot until mid August. They keep killing all these bred cows there is going to be a shortage of calves come fall and into next year.

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