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Cure for Prion Diseases

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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al
High potential for Prionics-antibody

Two scientific studies prove it: the Prionics antibody 6H4 provides immunity to BSE and can even cure such prion diseases in cell cultures.

A study conducted by the University of Zurich´s Institute for Neuropathology and by Prionics AG and published today demonstrates that genetically modified mice producing the 6H4 Prionics antibody are immune against prion diseases. Mice whose immune system produces the Prionics antibodies proved to be resistant to infection with pathogenic prions under laboratory conditions. "The antibodies prevent healthy prion proteins, which are also present in the human body, from conversion into pathogenic prions. We are confident that this discovery is a first step towards the development of a vaccine against Creutzfeldt-Jakob, BSE and other prion diseases", explains Dr. Bruno Oesch, founder of Zurich based Prionics AG.

Already some weeks ago the prion pioneer Prof. Dr. Charles Weissmann announced that Prionics antibody was able to block and even reverse prion infections in cell cultures. Weissmann had first infected mice cell cultures with prions and then treated them with 6H4 antibody. Already after three days the disease was hardly detectable in the cultures any longer. After 14 days the infection had completely subsided and also 6 weeks after the treatment the cells still remained completely cured.

"The prospect that our antibodies will both protect us against prion infections in the future and even cure the disease is absolute sensational", said Oesch with excitement.

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