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CWD avoidance guidelines from NY State

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Feb 11, 2005
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Home on the Range, Alberta
I am assuming theses recommendations were made by the late Beth Williams. It is such a shame, her tragic death in a vehicle accident on a snow covered road, last December.

She may have actually gone on to find the truth to what caused CWD. The loss of Beth Williams and her husband, Tom Thorne, will probably set back CWD research for a long time.

Night before last about 10:15 PM (December 29), Tom Thorne (Acting Director of Wyoming DOW) and his wife, Beth Williams ( Mike Miller's collaborator on CWD articles for many years and researcher on fawns ) were on their way home to Laramie from a Carribbean vacation when they ran under the back end of a southbound semi - trailer that was jackknifing into the oncoming northbound lane. Both Tom and Beth were killed.

This really puts things in perspective! Try to have a good day.
:shock: What about the possiblity of ruminants like Deer and Elk having a genetic predisposition to have more problems with metal imbalance.

I will not rule out the possibilty for any animal to be more genetically prone to TSE problems.

Other simple chemical imbalances are certainly shown to be influenced by genetics.

Just my dumb thinkin.

Any of those kids outside your window showing signs of ADD etc. reader. Lots of talk these days about vaccinations carrying somewhat toxic levels of heavy metal causing physiological imbalance in our children.

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